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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Wellness Overview

I opted to change Weight-loss Wednesdays to Wellness Wednesdays, purely because while weight-loss is one of my key focus's at the moment, I really want to work on a lot more than that.

Wellness for me not only includes eating healthier and exercising, but also improving my haircare and skin regime, and presenting myself in a much more stylish fashion.

 I don't plan to be healthy food all the time, I love my treats, but cutting down on treats and increasing fruit and vegetables is required, and something that I have been doing for almost a month now.  I can not really see any noticeable differences as yet, in fact my skin this month has been terrible, like my period has been due soon the whole month terrible, and it can not be blamed on bad diet as I have been so good!  It might be my skin clearing out all of the final bad stuff perhaps.  One hopes that my insides are looking healthier and happier.


My weight this morning was 87.5kg, so I am down perhaps 9.5kgs!  It is hard to tell with my lying scales, which have been replaced by others, but since they were about 4kgs out (ie saying 87 when I was 91) I'm going with 97 as my starting point.

I am happy with the overall result, but not happy in that I need to be 87kg exactly for our free IVF.  I have told the clinic that I am, so fingers crossed I am when I begin treatment!  Thats only 500g, and I could lose that by not eating for a day if I get really desperate.

Once I am 87kg a lot of stress with be off of me, that is for sure.

I do have to remind myself that 87kg is still far too heavy, and I need to get down to 70kg before I will be somewhat comfortable with myself, ideally I will be around 65kg.  At the moment I am so focused on the 87 I keep treating it as if it is my final goal.  

I did have a struggle filled day on Monday, I just wanted to eat so badly, and I had to go back to treating it like my first day of the diet that I just have to not eat until meal times, and that is it.  Fortunately I am now back to being able to cope with the day fairly easily, even though I am skipping breakfast to get rid of this 500g.


As I was drying my hair yesterday I suddenly noticed that, now I am keeping it down rather than up in  a plait or bun, it is in terrible condition.  The ends were so dry and frizzy and crinkly, just awful!  So I booked myself in for a haircut and had it done today.  My last one was in January!  It's now July!  
6 months!  Arghhhh!  You will be pleased to know I have booked myself in for another one in 8 weeks time.

I went to a different salon today.  It's not that I was unhappy with my last hairdresser, so I don't know why I changed, I just felt the need to do so.

My hair is long.  I don't know how long I will keep it long for, but I think being the weight I am, and with the type of clothes I wear, long is best at the moment, it's the one girly thing about me (but that is changing).

Anyway, I do like the cut, it is so much lighter (500g lighter, one can only hope ... hahaha).  I would take a photo, but I am currently dressed in my farming finest
Fleece sweater from 2000; Track pants from around 2003 tucked into knee high gumboot socks, and a Federated Farmers beanie - who needs to work on their style?  Not me!   Hahaha

I also bought product to try and get my hair into tip-top condition.  Some shampoo that will clean my scalp well (as I have psoriasis with then creates nasty dandruff), some conditioner that will nourish my hair, and some heat protectant since I am using my straighteners so often.


TJL has had the flu all week, and this is a man that doesn't get sick very often, and never this badly.  Of course this has coincided with needing to do a sperm sample tomorrow for our next round of IVF, where we have to use his frozen sperm since he can not get off of the farm while I will be doing IVF itself.

I got myself a bit worried that he wouldn't be able to give his sample if he had the flu, and I rang to ask today as I didn't want us to drive for 4 hours to be turned away.  Fortunately it is all A-OK, so we are all go tomorrow.  I gave God a huge thanks for that result, I'm not sure if we could have managed to go ahead with our next IVF if there was any issue with sperm collection tomorrow.

And of course, I am now worried that I will catch his flu, but at least it will all be over by the time I finish BCP and start injections (whenever I get to start BCP of course, early next week I am thinking).

Life sure is a-changing!

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