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Friday, July 13, 2012

Family - Sperm freezing time

Yesterday TJL and I made the 4 hour trek (ok drive) up to Hammytown to get his sperm frozen.  I was so paranoid that they were going to check my weight I didn't eat anything until after his appointment, which was at 1.30pm, so I didn't eat until 2pm.  I got a wee bit cranky.

They didn't weigh me, and as of today I only have 200 grams to go before I am safe, so booyah!

We left the farm at around 8.45am, to make sure we weren't rushed on the road.  Before leaving Loretta had to be milked, and Stella had to be walked, but it was no major.  Luckily the cows had been shifted into a 2 day paddock the day before, so they could be left alone (unfortunately we discovered today that cow 152 had calved early, and the calf had died, which is nature at work, but it upsets me all the same).  

It was smooth traveling the whole way so that meant we had 1hr 15mins to kill until his appointment.  

Being so early I was glad that I had my current read with me
(a bit more about this book later)
however Trent didn't bring anything, so he had a nap and complained that I hadn't brought anything for him to read, cheeky bugger.

We headed up to his appointment, ascertained that one of the forms that they sent us did not need to be filled in, and then I waited in the waiting room while TJL headed off and 'did his thing'.  

All sorted, we then turned around and headed for home.

As I said earlier, I was hungry and cranky, so we got to Te Awamutu and, for the first time ever (that I remember), we headed up the main street and took pot luck at a cafe in town.  I get 'nervous' in places that I haven't tried before, especially when I am desperate for GOOD food!

We lucked out.  We came across Savvy Cafe, which looked good.  Because it was after 2pm we missed their 'menu' but there was still a small selection in the food cabinet.  I had a corn fritter stack and TJL had a chicken burrito.  Both were very nice.  I also had a hot chocolate (delicious), TJL had a capuchino, and we shared an apricot slice (scrummy).  Much better than my usual choice of Bur.ger K.ing or Mc.Don.alds

We got back to Stratty at 5.30pm, so I went to Sub.way to get our dinner, while TJL popped over to the servo to get some milk.  When I got back to the ute TJL said 
'missed a call from Fertility Associates, I have to phone them tomorrow morning'.

Heart plummets!  
There really isn't much chance that TJL can head back to Hamilton to do a new sample if required, as he is supposed to take antibiotics 7-10 days before giving the sample, and by that time calving will have started for real, spun around in my head.
But I bucked myself up telling myself that they were probably just phoning to confirm sample was all frozen and good to go.

Unfortunately it turns out he does need to go back up and give another sample.  The sample he gave had only 35 million, and they require 40 million


He had the flu, which is probably why he is down.

Fortunately he doesn't need to have the antibiotics again, so we have a repeat trip planned for Monday. It is also good that I had a good nights sleep.  If I had received this news yesterday, after 8 hours of driving, due to being tired I would have panic'd and gotten angry.  Today I was calm and able to handle it nicely (not that I had to handle it as such, TJL did).


Today I spent time finishing reading Black Heels to Tractor Wheels, and it was a good read.  However, I was getting distracted by the fact she talked about The Cowboy, and how attracted she was to him.  TJL asked how the book was going, and I said 'good, but I wish it had pictures, I want to see how hot The Cowboy is'

TJL's response, 'just put a picture of me in there'.

And you know what, even though he was being funny, he is right!  TJL is my Hot Farmer Boy, so I just substituted him, and all went well.  This is a technique I will use in the future, if I ever read another love story that is!

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