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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

My thoughts - Goodbye Facebook

I am taking the 'dramatic' leap from my Social Sundays,
where I don't switch on my computer at all,
and extending it to saying good bye to

MySpace (didn't use it anyway)
and Bebo (didn't use it anyway).

It was super simple to delete myself from Twitter, MySpace and Bebo.  Facebook, however, is a bit more of a challenge.  I have managed to delete most of my likes.  Apparently I still have 54 likes, but where they are I don't know (I originally had around 180, and it took me a long time to delete them all).  I have managed to delete most of my photos.  I still have profile photos, and photos that I have been tagged in to go.  And then I will start on my posts.

Why am I going about this the long way?  Because if I disable my page, I think it is still around, somewhere.  Which I guess isn't a problem.  I still might do it that way.  Undecided.

The big problem is that I still need an actual personal page for two other pages I am admin for.

My photography business page, which I may be winding up anyway, as I am getting more involved on farm this year, so I won't have the time to go and photograph events, let alone edit and upload all of the photos.

And the Taranaki Basketball page, which I plan to pass on to someone else in the committee, when I get a chance.

I may just set myself up another personal FB page that will just be blank aside from a name (real or fake?), make that one admin for the two pages, and then delete my current FB page.
Decisions, decisions, decisions!

am I doing this?

Basically I am tired of having 'shallow' relationships.  I would rather spend time deepening the 15 or so important relationships with special family and friends, than wasting time writing and reading shallow comments with 170 odd.

Don't get me wrong, I actually think Facebook is great.  I have caught up with people that I went to school with, 1 person in particular I really wanted to connect with again, and Facebook allowed that to happen.  It also means that the friend I did want to connect with, I have connected with in a
'hey read my posts and I will read yours'
kind of way.  I want more!

And thus I have plans to go 'old school' by emailing a small bunch of people in the hopes that we can form or reform deeper connections.  I am not going old, old school in posting letters, but I do plan to resume sending out
Birthday Cards
rather than the obligatory happy birthday FB message.

This may, or may not work.  Only time will tell, and I may just restart my FB page one day.

My one fear about leaving FB is getting 'left behind' by society, but actually, I currently would not mind that one bit.

I am keeping Pintrest and my blog, as they still have value for me (at present).

Times, they are a-changing!

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