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Friday, June 29, 2012

Primped and ready to go

I am all organised for my road trip back home to collect nieces.  Their room is all decked out with fairy lights for winter solstice (yes, it was 22 June, but close enough).  Bathroom, kitchen and lounge all clean and tidy.  Some meal plans in my head, and activity plans written down in a list.

My bag is packed (yes, it is only one night but I have to take old farm clothes with me, incase I need to do something with the horse), my hair is straightened, and my CD's are ready to go (I am not too sure about my CD player in the ute, that hasn't been working, but I live in hope).

Sunglasses, wallet, phone, camera, hat and gloves.

NO  COMPUTER this trip!  I'm doing 24 plus hours without it!  And only one small lens on my camera as well.

This is the lightest I have ever travelled.

Off to wash (early) lunch dishes, then time to hit the road!

Boo yah!  It's a gorgeous day!

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