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Friday, February 03, 2012

TJL … I am not a cow! Mooooooo!

So the injections are going well so far.  I do work myself into a bit of a state before each shot (actually for a good hour or two before each shot).  Stupid really, as they don't really hurt THAT much, just a wee sting, but still, each and every day so far I have felt sick at the thought of having my shots.  TJL tells me to not think about it … bah ha ha ha haaaaa … if I knew how to not think about it I definitely would be doing that.  Its not a major state, just makes me feel 'sad' if anything.  Random, I know, but thats how I'm feeling at the moment … sad, and overwhelmed - far too much going on at the moment.

I just had my first Gonal F shot tonight.  It is the 'big one', so of course I was more worried than usual.  TJL has been doing great with the injections so far, aside from the second one when he forgot to pinch up a bit of skin and just 'stuck the needle in', I got jabbed twice at that one, and he got a bit of a 'telling off' … lol.  And it's not like I don't have a lot of extra 'skin' … hahaha

However, none of his shots have been as good as the first one, and I worked out today it is because he is used to injecting cows.  One thing about cows, they have thick, tough hides.  You need to use a bit of 'force and distance' when injecting them.  Unfortunately he had been doing the same with me!  I thought to tell him tonight, before my two shots, that he doesn't need to inject me like a cow, and a gentle insertion of the needle should be fine.  Fortunately it worked, and the 'pain' was minimal.  And when I say pain, on a scale of 1-10 its about a 2 … lol.  But I will get nervous again tomorrow before my shots, and I dare say this will continue until I no longer need to have any shots at all.

And now to bed.

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