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Saturday, February 25, 2012

So where to from here?

I've been thinking, last night and today, as to what I think we should do between now and August, when we hopefully get to do IVF #2.

The first plan is to  HAVE  SOME  FUN!  Yep, it's time to bring back some fun into our relationship.  I told TJL last night that we will be making a baby the 'natural way' over the next 6 months so GET  READY!!  Hehehe.  Chances are slim, but hey, we've got nothing to lose, and a deepening of our relationship to gain.

Next plan is to get HEALTHY!  I was doing pretty well, and then TJL had his accident on Tuesday and my stress levels skyrocketed.  Not only from the stress of is he okay? What the heck would I do if he wasn't here?  But I also went from housewife to full on farmer (including sprinting (now this would be a Micha sprint which isn't that fast!) after some escaped cows on the first night, which hurt my tummy in a stitch kind of way) for a few days.  So I ate terribly for the rest of the week, which is no excuse, but I really need to clean up my diet.

And then I thought that, since we had been considering fostering/home for life a few months ago, and we are all signed up and good to go once we give the word, that perhaps we should do some short term care stuff in May, June, and July, (and maybe April).  I am letting TJL think about it, while I think about it myself.  I actually think it would be a good idea as it would let us know what we are in for.  But we shall see.  I think I'm just scared of being terrible at it, and we end up more stressed than ever.  But we won't know unless we take a leap of faith and give it a go.

Obviously I am waiting for the definite confirmation of a BFN tomorrow, while a miracle would be awesome I don't think it's my turn, but, you know, theres that crazy part of you that thinks, just maybe … It's a really tiny part, and I'm definitely not going to crumble when the call comes through.  Then I get to do all the 'it failed' messages - oh joy!  And then life goes on, yippee!

I thought I had something else to say, but it's gone, it might come back, might not, oh well ...

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(In)fertility Unexplained said...

This sounds like a wonderful plan. I hope you keep up the blog during your months of rejuvenation.