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Friday, February 10, 2012

Trigger shot

Welcome to my new followers!  It is nice to have you along, and I hope I don't bore you rigid!  Todays post is a bit of a long one, so I apologise in advance.

I had a much better visit with the clinic yesterday (Friday).  The scanner tech/Dr actually spoke to me, and cracked a joke or two in reference to my 'missing left ovary'.  I said that 'I hoped she could find it', to which she replied 'well I hope you brought it with you', and I said 'well if I haven't I have no clue as to where I have left it'.  So it was good, and relaxing.  She was also more gentle with the probey thing, perhaps that was because she actually managed to find my left ovary …. hooray!!  And they actually seemed to care that I had travelled a long way AND we were paying for it (not that I think that because we are paying we deserve better treatment than someone who doesn't, but it does mean I get a bit more annoyed when I am not treated with respect).

So, from memory, my left ovary had two folicles - size 14 and 12.  The right ovary had 5 or 6 folicles - size 21, 21, 2x 13, and an 11, I think there may have been another one in there, but I can't remember.  So they didn't know whether to trigger me Fri or Sat night, and wouldn't make a decision until they had my blood test result in.  They did ask if I could hang around until the results were in, which I would have done had I needed to, but then they realised that I had one shot of GonalF left, should I need it, and they could give me the trigger shot to go, so I got to head home straight away.

So I finally got the call late afternoon yesterday (like at 4.45pm) that we were triggering that night.  This meant that we have to be at the clinic on Sunday for egg collection.  This in turn meant that we had to try and find a relief milker for Sunday, which is really short notice.  Our regular relief milker (and by regular I mean we have used her once, and she was awesome) is getting married so she was out.  Our 'old' relief milker is busy relieving for someone else.  TJL's sister is milking for her own farm as their worker is away for the weekend.  Their relief milker was busy elsewhere.  THANKFULLY TJL's friend had a weekend off from his farm and agreed to be our lifesaver.  He is getting a big bottle of rum (apparently that would be the thanks of his choice) and some chocolates for his troubles.  We are so relieved we managed to find someone as otherwise TJL would have had to get up at 1.30am and milk before we leave at 5.30am, and then 4 hours to Hammytown, followed by how ever long it takes to get my eggs retrieved, and then a 4 hour drive home, and then the afternoon milking.  Seriously, IVF is HARD when you are self employed farmers with no outside help!

Anyway, I got to have my trigger shot last night at 10.20pm.  I am hardly ever up that late.  But we made it, and TJL gave me my trigger.  So today, I get to be injection free!  Yay!  Not to mention I am now nervous as heck about tomorrow.  5.30am we leave home.  I have to have 2-3 glasses of water by 8.20am to by hydrated so they can find a vein (fan-tas-tic - more needles), no food!  At 9.20am I am to have 3 panadols with a sip of water.  Then be at the clinic by 9.50am and egg retrieval begins at 10.20am.  NERVOUS  MUCH!!!!!  You can bet your bottom dollar I am.


(In)fertility Unexplained said...

You'll do great! I'm so excited for you!

Kim said...

yay! good luck on Sunday!