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Friday, February 17, 2012

And one to freeze

Just received a call from the clinic lab, and more good news (which weirdly makes me more nervous, perhaps as it means we have more to lose) and one embryo was good enough to freeze yesterday.  The other didn't make it quality wise today, which obviously makes me a little sad, (so long little Wotwot, thank you for giving me your best try). 

So this cycle has gone unbelievably well.  Two little Wotwots hopefully embedding themselves at some point very soon, safe and sound in my belly, and one little Wotwot chillin' in the freezer for future use.  We are just so glad to have another option.

In case you didn't know what (or who) a Wotwot was (being a kiwi programme and all I think), these are Wotwots.  It is the only name I could come up with for the two in my tummy, since I'm a complete moron and have no idea what they actually are, scientifically - whatsits became wotwots.  Clear as mud??

And I have also found a NZ FB group for IVFers, which is great.  I love reading the blogs of others experiencing this BUT most of those are from the USA, which is fine BUT it is nice to follow along the stories of those in NZ as well.  Dealing with the same clinics, in the same time zone, know what Wotwots are …. lol

God is so good!  I (we) feel so blessed.


(In)fertility Unexplained said...

Wotwots look like so much fun! I'm glad yours did so well!

babycrazykiwi said...

Great news about the frozen one! Just been lurking through old posts...I'm a tried and true Naki girl believe it or not although I don't live there now I miss the place hugely!! Look forward to hearing how the next two weeks end up.