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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Retrieve and fertilise

So we had the egg retrieval yesterday.  I was very, very, very nervous.  I tried to drink 2-3 glasses of water by 8.20am, but I just couldn't make myself.  I think I got close to two, but I actually 'peed' most of it out on the trip up, ie stopped twice for bathroom breaks on the way up, and went straight to the loo when we got to the clinic.

We got shown to a room and I got to put on a lovely flannel 'muumuu' for want of a better word.  She was a beauty!  Embryologist came in and told us what was about to happen, then Dr came in to get the needle in for the drugs.  And here it turned every so slightly to custard.  She couldn't find the vein in the left arm, so then moved to the right arm.  It took her a while but she finally found it, at which point I went very very faint!  Apparently I went as white as my muumuu gown.  I came right pretty quickly, and I didn't faint completely, but I still think I had them a bit un-nerved.  They then gave me a saline drip to 'buck me up' and then proceeded to take my blood pressure about 4 times, to convince themselves I wouldn't 'cark-it' on the operating table.

Finally we got to go into the little operating room.  Got given some drugs, which I didn't notice but must have affected me as I mentioned TJL could sing me Edelweiss (a family joke) - I think this was in response to keeping me calm.  And at some other point I said 'if it doesn't work I can always become a crazy cat lady'.  Ten minutes later it was all done and I got to go back to the recovery room and chill out for a while.  The actually procedure hurt a little bit a couple of times, but nothing major.

They retrieved 4 eggs, which I was quite happy with.

Then we had the four hour drive home.  I would never, ever recommend this for anyone.  NZ roads are twisty, turny, and bumpy as you wouldn't believe.  I managed to have a wee sleep, but the rest of the trip was not pleasant - obviously the drugs had worn off and I was not a happy camper.

Seriously, if that's what 'period pain' feels like, then I definitely don't get it.  Very uncomfortable.  In fact I only started to feel somewhat 'normal' today at around 4.30pm.

And we finally got the call through this afternoon that all 4 eggs fertilised (I nearly cried when the nurse told me), so I will hopefully be getting two embryos 'stuck back in me' either Wednesday or Thursday.

We are so blessed to have made it this far, and I am praying that it continues.

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(In)fertility Unexplained said...

That's fantastic! I'm so happy for you!