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Saturday, February 04, 2012

Headaches - I just don't get them

Well okay, I hardly ever get headaches, but I have one now.  I'm pretty sure it is a side effect of the drugs TJL gets to inject me with each day.  I think the counsellor said that they would dehydrate me, which is why I am not to have anything with caffeine in it (which for me means chocolate) as that would dehydrate me further.  I am guessing that is why I have a headache now.  I got one last night at about 10pm, and woke up with a bit of one, but haven't had one for most of the day, and then it came back about 6.30pm tonight.  I have been trying to drink plenty of water, but I just don't feel like it.  The nurse did say I could have panadol, but not neurofen, so I might take a panadol shortly, unless this headache disappears all of it's own accord.  I really do prefer to not take anything in addition to what I am currently on.

I have my blood test tomorrow.  Here's hoping it gives us the results we need.  I am going to try and not worry about it, as there is nothing we can do, but I'm still hoping for good results regardless (whatever a 'good' result will be, I have no idea).  Being that this is my first IVF, and having not done any research as such, I really am pretty much flying blind here.  It just means that I have to go with the flow, and do whatever they tell me.  Yep, I have blind faith in the doctors and nurses, and will continue to do so until something goes 'wrong', which I sincerely hope it doesn't!

Other symptoms other than a headache.  My tummy is a bit funny, uncomfortable, but nothing major and I am SO TIRED, oh so tired!  More tired than usual.  I don't know whether it is to do with the stress of having to catch up editing and uploading 5000 photos to my website from two weeks worth of events, or if it is the drugs, or, most likely, a combination of the two.  I am so glad I got the photos finished today, seeing as how I have an event to shoot tomorrow.  At least there will be only one event to edit through, rather than the 3 per week for the previous two weeks.

So I am busy tomorrow.  Have my blood test in H by 8.30am, back home by 9.00am for my shot, then back into H to shoot the event.  I guess I could take the shot in with me to save me a trip, but I strangely prefer TJL to do it now, now I have him trained up anyways.

So now I'm off to laze on the couch and watch the goggle box, not that there is anything decent to watch, but I just need to give my mind and eyes a break from this computer screen!

Check ya later!

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