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Sunday, February 26, 2012

No confirmation yet

Well I had my blood test today.  I got it done in Stratty, which is nice and close but very small, by 9am.  So I have waited all day to get confirmation that I'm a BFN.  Yep, waited.  And waited.  And waited.  So I rang at 4pm, and the clinic haven't received the results yet.  Oh well, what's one more day waiting for the BFN … lol

I have confirmed our next IVF for August, but I did forget to mention that we needed to do frozen sperm this time.  August is extremely busy on the farm, with calving and milking, so TJL will not be able to get away for a day to give a fresh sample.  I hope that this will be ok!  It helps that he has such a good sperm count.  The excellent thing about August is that I will have time to get myself into better shape!  And I sure need too!

Unfortunately, the small FB group I have joined for IVF support has had two more negative results today (plus one positive).  It sure is a tough road for so many women today, but it is great to have found such a supportive network.

But good news from another is that Emily from A Peek Into Our Journey gave birth to her triplets today.  She did really well to keep them in for 26 weeks, so here's hoping they grow big and strong.

Well, I guess I will get the BFN confirmation tomorrow.  I hope so as I really need to let people know, so I can move forward!

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babycrazykiwi said...

Rats on having to wait another day! But that's Stratty for ya isn't.