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Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Rubbish appointment - bah humbug!

So I had the joy of getting up at 4am, and on the road by 4.30am.  Made it to Hammytown by 8.30am and had my blood test.  Then I went to Fert. Ass. at 9am to see if they could do my jab, which they did.  And then I proceeded to wait until 9.45am for my scan.  At this point everything pretty much went downhill.

I know nothing.  The tech. told me to hop up on the 'table'.  Did the scan.  Told the nurse that I had 1x10, 2x11 and 1x15 in the right ovary.  She couldn't find the left ovary (which obviously can not be a good thing).  Tech then told me where the tissues were to 'wipe myself', and that I had to have another blood test and scan on Friday.  I asked if I had to have it 'there', to which she replied 'yes' and then rushed off.  The only other thing she mentioned was to continue the drugs, and they might find something in the left ovary on Friday.  I think.  She didn't exactly hang around to tell me ANYTHING.  No one seemed to care if I had any QUESTIONS.  So really, I don't know anything.  I pray that the four in the right ovary turn into something - stupid left ovary … lol

Then the nurse said that they would 'call me' once they had the blood results in.  By this time I was a little tired, and not too impressed, so I said, 'Well I have a four hour drive ahead of me so don't phone too soon'.  'Oh' she said 'You've come a long way' …. well DUH, if anyone would take the time to listen to me!  Anyhow, she asked if I wanted a later appointment on Friday, so I asked if it could be in the afternoon?  Nope, so I said, well since I have to have a blood test, the earlier the better then (ie have to be in Hammytown for blood test at 8.30amish, so the less hanging around between that and the scan the better) but she didn't get it so she is going to book me in for 10am.  So I just said 'fine', and she said 'bye' so I flashed my smile, and left.  

I have to admit I was so wild.  No one there seems to LISTEN to me.  Seriously, I just want to ask why I can't have the blood test and scan done in NP, and it would be nice to know if todays scan means that really, this cycle is just a wash-out, or whether it is salvageable, or whether it is quite normal.  Ughhhhh, at times, living in such a small country sucks lemons, as this is the only clinic I can go to.  What annoys me more is that so far we have spent $9000.00 on this cycle (and then some) and they treat me like that!  

I am definitely going to take up my free cycle in August (if we need it) and run the staff ragged.  I know that they see a long stream of people like me, day in and day out, but when they know it is your first cycle they could at least ask if you have any questions before bolting off.  And I'm not going to Dr Google it, as that will just confuse me further.

It is now 3.50pm, and no message or call in-sight from the clinic.  My word, if this IVF does work, and when we no longer need them, methinks they are going to receive a message from me about how sucky their patient care is.

Of course if IVF does work, I will be far too happy to give a stuff about the rubbish I had to go through to get there.

Vent over!

Edit to add - clinic just called.  I stay on the same meds, and have my appointment in Hammytown at 11.10am.  So I had a wee - can't I get in earlier, if I have to have the blood test at 8.30am then it is too long to wait.  She said that I could have the blood test at 10am, so then it would only be an hour, which is good as I only have to get up at 5.30am and leave by 6.  I am also going to get TJL to inject me early, so I don't have that worry while I'm driving.  So it will be 3 hours early, hopefully it won't matter … LITTLE  FAT  FINGERS  CROSSED.

Oh, and too bad if I had any further questions as she said 'bye' really quickly and hung up.


(In)fertility Unexplained said...

I didn't have many follicles on my right ovary during my initial ultrasound, and the 2 that were there were so tiny. It seems like it's turning out okay though, so I wouldn't worry yet! (I wish someone had convincingly told me that last week!) My slow ovary ended up with 3 follicles that are large enough, and my left ovary compensated with lots of follicles.

Mrs.Lucas said...

I found your blog on accident, but I am now following you. I am starting my third round of fertility treatments on Monday. It can be so frustrating. Thankful I have some amazing doctors but it really is irritating when they don't treat you well and they don't answer questions. I can't google it either because I end up freaking myself out!Good Luck!!

Kim said...

My doctor did all the scans himself but never heard anything except the numbers he rattled off...the nurse always called later in the day with any med changes and I knew that if I had questions I had better ask! was told 15 follicles but they retrieved 28 in the end so keep the faith!