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Thursday, February 16, 2012

I'm so boring!

Seriously.  When I think about it I am a total bore.  I actually have nothing of interest to post about.  How sad is that?  Surely I have a life outside of TTC, somewhere, anywhere …. but nope, that is pretty much all I am about at the moment.  Of course nothing is happening until tomorrow, when we find out if the other two cells made it to freezing size, or not.  It will be beyond fantastic if they do.  To have another option further down the track can not be anything other than good.

Personally, I'm not feeling anything.  I have the odd crampy feeling, but nothing mind boggling.  The only thing is my mind is a bit gaga.  I couldn't even remember yesterday that I had travelled up to Hamilton the day before for the transfer!  Seriously!  I couldn't remember what I had done the day before - what is THAT all about?  What a ding bat!

I had to buy boob support sleepwear yesterday.  The plain fact is I am pretty well endowed, and with being currently overweight (read FAT) they are even more endowed than usual.  This means that when I take off my lovely (gigantic) support bra(s) the boobies are a bit sore and uncomfortable as they must weight goodness knows what, as they hang down and flop around, and it feels like the muscles are getting stretched.  I decided that I just couldn't sleep like that anymore, so I went in to buy some cheap sports bras that weren't overly supportive (hence the cheap ones) as I don't want to crush them all the time, they need some freedom, but were better than just a t.shirt.  What I discovered was even better - a sports singlet with built in support!  AND they were on sale for $10!  So I bought three, yep thats right, THREE!  And oh so comfy to sleep in!  Oh so happy!

The only other stuff I have done is loads of washing, made the bed, tidied the kitchen, and bought more vitamins, as I had my last one yesterday.  Dang they are expensive - $89 for 100 and that is on SALE, lucky I got those singles for a bargain.  Oh, and I have shifted calves and walked the dog.

Whooot!  I'm a thrill a minute … lol

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