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Monday, February 06, 2012

Not happy

The clinic text me today to tell me that I need to be there at 9.45am tomorrow morning for a scan, and to have a blood test first.

The clinic is 4 hours away.

I have to be up and away by 4.30am tomorrow morning, to get the blood test done at around 8.30am (which is the time that I think they like them done) somewhere in Hammytown - note to self get map and find location of a med.lab!

TJL injects me at 9am.  Trent isn't coming as he has to milk.  I either have to inject myself (please, please, please no!) or I'm going to show up at the clinic early (ie at 9am) and find someone there to do it.  Or maybe I will ask the med.lab person to do it.  I only trust TJL to do it.  I'm not happy.  Note to self, pack drug and needle to take.

I phoned the clinic today at around 3.15pm to see if I could have the scan done in NP by Dr Fufu gynecologist.  No one returned my call.  So I get to drive 4 hours.  Have a blood test.  Have a random stranger inject me.  Have a scan.  Then drive the 4 hours back home.  Alone.  

I am not happy!  I will do it, but I am not happy!  Yep, it's definitely feel sorry for me time.

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