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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Here we go ….

I started Buserelin injections today.  Despite all my fears, I didn't feel much when TJL injected me this morning.  I begin Gonal F on Friday, and judging by the amount to be delivered (ie significantly more than Buserelin) I might be feeling that one a bit more!  I guess I will know Friday night.

Had a good trip up to H.Town yesterday, to get the drugs.  TJL got a wee surprise in finding out he had to pay another bill, but he sucked it up and paid it (what a good man).  Then he had to give a sample.  He didn't get any 'instructions' ie, the room was blank, there was a TV and no remote.  Lucky he's a bit of a snooper and opened a cupboard door and found some Magazines.  He wasn't too sure if he could have done it if they weren't there.

Then we had the meeting with the nurse, re how to inject the drugs.  TJL being a dairy farmer doesn't have a problem at all with injecting me, which is a relief as I don't think I could inject myself.

Finally was a meeting with a counsellor.  She was ok.  I think she expected us to be 'really excited' and we were a bit more relaxed about it.  Basically I just want it over.  And I'm not getting my hopes up, I refuse to!  By the end of it she wished I could work for her as my attitude towards it was so good.  As I told her, I have contingency plans if it doesn't work, but no plans in place if it does … lol.   I figure if it does work then I will have plenty of time to plan from then on.

So it's all go, scary stuff!

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