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Monday, October 04, 2010

Why an outside dog is better than 3 inside children

Have I had a fun filled 4 to 5 days!  And exhausting!  Man, just let me tell you, like you could stop me ... lol.

My fun filled days began with a bus trip to World of Wearable Art, which has to be one of the best 'shows' I have ever been to.  Sure, some of the music was a bit, shall we just say, not to my tastes (sorry Co-ca-cobana (sp?) is really not my thing, although the lady in front of me totally grooved out to it).  But the wearable art, far out man!

This image below was probably my favourite, although I really could not pick just one (ok so I just did, but you know what I mean).  There were some  FANTASTIC ones that work under a black light, and some really hilarious ones, but for some reason the one below just tickled my fancy.  Unfortunately cameras were NOT allowed *sulk* but luckily I could borrow these ones from the WOW site.

The Ring Mistress

And this one below won supreme overall in 2009, its made of WOOD, and totally WOW!
Lady of the Wood

I am hoping to get a few girlfriends together for a trip to WOW again next year.  This year I went with some work colleagues, but (no offense to them) I think I would have a lot more laughs with my girlfriends.  I find the ladies I work with a bit, hmmmm, sombre and serious.  I would have been keen to head into town afterwards and check out the night sights of Wellington, but instead we headed back to the motel and went to bed.  So, I got up at 6.15am the next morning, to head out and take in a bit of the city, before boarding the bus and heading back to Taranaki.  Now I am not a city girl, but one city I do love is Wellington, and I could have happily spent another couple of days just wandering around, taking in the sights.

Wellington from Oriental Parade, population 195,000 odd

I got home around 5pm, and was happy to discover that my sister and her brood had arrived safely.  G had already gone down to the cowshed to help TJL milk, and everyone else had made themselves at home (as well they should).

Day one of the visit we headed out to Opunake Beach, and it was a GORGEOUS summery (even though it is only spring) day.

At the beach there was a playground.

First night paintings (the ones we were allowed to keep)
 By G - aged 6

 By T - aged 3

The second day we went to Pioneer Village which is made up of very old local Taranaki Buildings.  I failed to take very many photos - not too sure why.  Probably because the girls kept running ahead, so I have NONE of the outside of the buildings.  But I did get a couple of shots of the girls in a couple of places.  I was amazed how big the 'village' was.  Might go back another day and have an adult look around ... lol
 T and G in the old Mangatoki Church

G and T in an old fire truck

Today they all left for home.  And so why is an outside dog better than 3 inside children?  Aside from their beautiful paintings they also left me with a floor covered in all manner of flotsum and jetsum, hand prints all over the TV, windows, and coffee table, paint on the dining table (table is old and it washed off so all okey dokey), three loads of washing (extra towels and sheets), and finally the fact that we have had a dishwasher full of dishes EVERY DAY that they were here (the two of us are lucky if we fill it up more than once a week!), plus the dog NEVER complains about what is for dinner (she might give us 'the look', but never says 'I HATE THAT!)'


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