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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Day 3 of challenge - First love

Ooooooh ... My first love.


I assume this question is my first love ASIDE from horses and dogs.  And it would have to be requited love I guess.  I mean who could remember all of those original unrequited ones (aside for David S who I adored from afar from age 11 until ... now most likely).  And all those famous people.  Singers, actors and sportsmen - Paul Young, Billy Idol,  Bo Duke, BJ McKay, John Kirwin, Danny Morrison, Carlos Spencer, Bruce Grant (who died on K2 about 6 months before I made it to his hometown of Queenstown to stalk meet him).


So my first REQUITED love story is not a great one.  His name was Kyle and he was a part of our 'group' when we were all 17 going on 18.  A group of around 6 or 7 girls and 3 boys.  Kyle had already dated one of the girls, then was going out with another one (my best friend I am ashamed to say), and then it was my turn.  Oh the teenage angst!  The weirdness.  The shame I felt for 'taking him' from her over-ridden by my LOVE for him.  The fact that I was just one of a stream from the same group.  And then, after me, he went out with ANOTHER girl from the group ... DOH!

The relationship lasted almost 18 months.  I ended it as I discovered there were other guys out there.  After I ended it I learned that he had cheated on me towards the end as he thought I was cheating on him.  I had a spaz out at THAT wee fact.  But it was mostly good.  I really can't remember a heck of a lot about it (20 years ago), just drinking and watching videos in our wee group.

These days I am still pretty much best friends with my old best friend.  I am still in contact with this man.  He is married to a wonderful lady and they have 2 children and live in Australia.  And I am still in occasional contact with the girl he moved onto after me ... lol

I am fairly pleased to say that out of all the relationships I have had, none have ever ended so badly that, after some adjustment time, I can not be friends with any of them.  And I think that that is pretty awesome!

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