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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Blog challenge - Day 2

The meaning behind my blog title.

When I was first looking at blogging I read quite a few blogs before I began, and everyone seemed to be so deep and meaningful and articulate.  You know, the kind of people that can look at a painting and interpret meanings and symbols behind it, whereas I could only see lines, or squiggles, or a landscape, or 'something a 2 year old could do' ... lol

       it came into my head that song or saying, 'Slow waters run deep', and since I figured I was the  
       opposite of the 'deep' people I went for the opposite saying,

 'Fast waters run shallow'

And at this point in time I do think that it is still quite accurate of me.  I actually kind of clicked on today that my mind runs so fast that I only ever skim the surface of everything.  I skim read books (please note that this technique DOES NOT WORK FOR THE BIBLE, which is probably why I haven't 'got it' yet ... lol), half listen to music, never really edit my photos to the best of my ability.  It's always quick.  It's never deep.

Perhaps my blog title is a reminder for me to 'Slow down and smell the roses' you know.  Switch off everything else that is a distraction (THAT WOULD BE YOU MR TELEVISION SET) and really concentrate on the task at hand.  And to live in the moment.  I am always so focused on what my plans are that I don't achieve anything, as I am always focused on the planning and not on what I am doing.


That was a bit of a long explanation. 

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