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Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Two weeks until launch

Had a great meeting with my web designer today.  I'm hoping that the site will be good to go in around 2 weeks - ooooh hooooooo - so excited.  I now have the delightful job of trying to do a self portrait, or 4, for the 'about me' header.  I need to make them a bit kooky, or a lot kooky preferably, as I am certainly not one of those fortunate photogenic people (doesn't help that I am 20kg overweight, but thats a post rehash for another day!).  Oh well, never mind, thats why I am BEHIND the camera 99.9% of the time.

So I have a couple of ideas for my portrait.  For some of my ideas I will need someone to take the pic for me, as it involves being on one of my horses, and a self portrait set up in that situation just ain't gonna work.  Other ones will involve setting up the camera on my tripod and shooting away, 2 to 4 different shots in the one location, bit of cut and paste, and wah la, multiple kooky.  I have to admit that this last idea is actually from the web designer extraordinaire himself - credits due 'n all that.  Mind you, the crazy guy saw some of my photos today and thought that this one

was exactly the same as one that he had taken.  He soon discovered, once he located it on HIS laptop that it was MY image ... DOH!  I don't know if I should be worried that my web designer can not remember the shots he takes, and then begins to claim mine as his ... lol

And that's it.  My candles are lit, my prayer 'Dear Lord, please bless our home and hearts with peace, Amen' has been said many times, and I am about to watch a TV programme 'Robber of the Cruel Streets' about God lead George Muller who dedicated his life to rescuing orphans.


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