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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Making your home sing

So the challenge this week from Courtney at Women Living Well is to make your home sing.  To play soft music in your home everyday and to focus on using peaceful words and maintaining peaceful relationships.

This is definitely a challenge that I will find a challenge, and so one that I need to partake of.  I am definitely quite a reactive person, and I really need to slow my thinking down, and thus my reactions to situations down, so I stop 'blowing up' at every little thing.  Patience, and thus Peace, is something I have been working on lately, and I believe that I am beginning to see some progress ... YAY!  I believe that this challenge will help me to proceed further along this path.

 I had a quick look in my CD collection and found these three - Moments of Stillness, Meditation - music for relaxation and dreaming, and Tschaikowsky.  My only problem is that our CD player in the house appears to be broken, so I am not too sure what to do.  I think I might pop into town and buy a cheap portable stereo, which is something that we need anyway, especially when I am outside in the garden!  In my ute I have an inspirational CD 'The Blessing' by John Waller.  I discovered him from the movie Fireproof as I really loved the song While I'm Waiting.

Of course my lighting my candles and saying my prayers for a peaceful home and heart will continue.

Praise be to God!

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