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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Just another manic Monday

So last night and this morning we had herd testing.  What this involves is adding a bit of 'pipeworks' to the existing milking machines so that a percentage of milk siphons off from each cow into a cup, which we number and then it gets tested so we know how much milk each cow is producing, plus the components of their milk ie % of protein, % of fat etc.  
 The herd we tested, there is approx 170 cows in there

I was up by 5.30am this morning, awake at 4.45 but dozed until 5.30, and discovered Winter hit us with a wee reminder that although Spring is here, Winter is still hanging around a bit.  It has been raining, windy, very cold, and threw in the odd hail storm for good measure.  While I was waiting for TJL down at the shed the cows came in, and were shivering it was so cold.  I said a wee prayer that all of our animals would be safe and warm and that the day would get better.  10 minutes later I look up and TJL was bringing the 'babies' to the hay shed/calf shed so I was amazed how quickly God responded to my call.  Praise be to God!
 The 'babies' all snug and warm in the calf shed, with yummy, yummy hay to eat.

Due to the weather I spent most of the day on the couch watching the ol' goggle box.  TJL went back out after breakfast (pancakes no less) to feed the cows hay and silage.  When he got back he was in a FOUL mood, turns out his tractor broke down.  Luckily we have a good boss who gets on great with the neighbours so low and behold a large blue tractor was borrowed and our little orange tractor received a wee tow.
 The boss on the neighbours blue tractor towing TJL and the silage wagon.
Hopefully it is a very temporary measure as the tractor mechanic has been out already.

The boss and TJL checking out the battery
Stella saying 'Hey Dad.  Cool tractor.  Can we keep it?'  Neighbours are so generous in allowing us to borrow their tractor until little orange tractor is ready to go.

And I did manage to go for one walk with Stella today.  I am so pleased that we had fine weather on my last days off when my sister and kidlets were visiting rather than this cold, awful Winter re-visit.  Unfortunately this weather means that I am more inclined to sit on the couch, eating all manner of chocolate and junk rather than being this girl

 from years ago.  I sure hope I can get back to being this girl this summer as she is currently hiding under  20kg of PODGE!  Actually methinks I should put this picture, and others similar, around the house to inspire me!

So that was my Manic Monday, Praise God

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