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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Blog Challenge, Day 5 - Siblings


I have only one, my big sister Nikki.  She is only two years older than me, and has three children.  We made each others lives unpleasant during the teenage years, but are really close now.  If we live with each other the relationship does not work so well, luckily it works really well when we live apart.

Nix showing T the fridge for her yoghurt on her first day of kindy.

 Nix with the newest (and final) addition to her family, C

 Nix and C

Nix and C at Opunake Beach

 Nix and the girls, G and T, at Opunake Beach

And Nix and C

As you can tell, Nix is a great Mum, and I do not appear to have any photos of her alone.  I should remedy that!

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