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Friday, October 15, 2010

Day 4 blog challenge - Meet the Parents

Awwww, my parents.  Mum and Dad.  Pat and BJ.  Mr and Mrs Johansen.  The people from whom I desire the most approval, and then take a big risk of getting in trouble by posting their pictures on the internet, sorry Mum, but you do know how I love to push your buttons, ah!  (It's ok, I am pretty sure they don't read my blog, if you do Mum and Dad, Hey there.  The picture you see below is a couple who look remarkably like you.  How lucky was I to find such a similar looking couple to use for my blog.  See you in a few days!)

The quick facts.  They are 10 years apart in age (almost exactly, Dad is a December 22 birthday and Mum is a December 30 birthday, Christmas in the middle, niece on the 1st of Jan - fan-jolly-tastic present wise!)  This fact always intrigued me as a child (the age gap), and I figured I could date any male up to 10 years older than myself for a big chunk of my life ... lol

Mum had my sister at age 20, and me at age 22, so when she was my age I was 17 and almost moving out of home (and back again, and out again, and back again, and out again) and I haven't even started having kids yet .... we're working on it.

Dad is a farmer and the PERFECT man.  I love my Dad to bits (yes I am a Daddies girl).  Kind and fun, and all children seem to gravitate towards him.  Yep, I always wanted a man 'just like my Dad'.

My mother refuses to have her photo taken so I have to take them on the sly.  Dad isn't so keen on them either, but he puts up with it because he loves me.

Speaking of which we hardly ever (closer to never) tell each other that we love each other, it's just an unspoken known. 

They currently live 3.5 hours drive away, and I would see them close to once a month.  I don't like being so far away from family, but am fortunate I can get home so often.

So that was MY PARENTS!

I  LOVE  YOU  MUM  AND  DAD! (Shhhhh it's a secret)

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