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Monday, October 11, 2010

Keeping the peace ... how hard can it be?

Today dawned beautiful and sun-shiney.  Okay, so the wind-chill factor is still pretty low, but the day has been pretty glorious so far.  Mt Taranaki looked awesome this morning.  He was cloaked in cloud over his lower slopes, and had a wee mushroom cap over his summit.

 Our herd with Mt Taranaki in the background.

And how do I know Mt Taranaki is a 'him'?  According to Maori legend, Taranaki used to live with Tongariro, Ruapehu, and Ngauruhoe. This changed forever when Taranaki fell in love with Pihanga (a pretty hill on the shores of Lake Taupo) – who just happened to be the wife of Tongariro. Tongariro exploded in a fiery rage, spitting fire, lava and burning ash, and making the earth shake as he fought with Taranaki. Broken hearted and banished Taranaki headed toward the coast, his tears creating the Wanganui River as he moved Westward to his current resting place.

Tongariro, Ruapehu and Ngauruhoe are all mountains in the central plateau of the North Island of New Zealand.

 This is Destiny, my favourite cow.  I rescued her as a calf as I thought she was a fighter.  I definitely can not rescue them all (being in the industry we are in), but I am glad that I saved her.  She is currently shedding her Winter coat so looks a little 'rough'.

Stella Dog, she is such a laugh.  She is so naughty!  Jumps up on you, and her nails HURT!

So TJL and I went into town today.  We went to Maracabo (sp?) for lunch where I had a de.lic.ious corn stack, YUM!  TJL had a BLT, so I got to eat some of his fries.  We also shared some chocolate fudge slice.  It was HUGE so very lucky that we shared.  I then popped into paper plus to buy some file cards (wow!  How exciting), and then I went to The Warehouse, where I planned to buy a cd player, amongst other things.  Here is where my 'keeping the peace' turned HARD.  So I did my shopping.  Found my cd player, grabbed a couple of DVD's, CD's, pots for my birthday plant, potting mix, socks, underwear, and a wee plant when TJL caught up with me (he ran some errands in town).  I was told, in no uncertain terms that we DID NOT need the CD player, and I went into instant 'grump, sulk, frown' mode.  The CD player, DVD's and CD's went back their shelves and I purchased the rest of my goods.  'Grump, sulk, frown'.  I WAS NOT HAPPY!  As I told him I didn't tell him off for purchasing a $100 wii game, and I never tell him off for purchasing parts for his mini-spring car, so how come I was not allowed to buy what I wanted.  'Less grump, less sulk, less frown'.  He said that his stereo did work, if you put all 5 cd's in, so I told him it had better or he was in BIG trouble (mood considerably lighter by this time and I was joking).

So we get home, I put 5 cd's into his stereo and NO GO BABY.  TJL could not work it out at all, figures it has just died, really?  You don't say?

And so I think I get to go back and buy my CD player now ... lol   Plus I got a big apologetic kiss from TJL.  On the bonus side (aside from the kiss), I really didn't need the DVD's, and I can get the CD's from i-tunes at a cheaper price, so he has saved me money.  

Despite being upset and angry I did try to submit (the old me would NEVER have returned the CD player and discs, especially if I had been TOLD to), and I did manage to keep my mouth in check more than before, so 

Keeping the peace ... how hard can it be?

Very hard, and an on-going battle, but one worth fighting and it will get better.

And, as an aside, I said a prayer to God this morning to help me with my willpower to get rid of this weight and get back to health and fitness, and whadda you know, I went to get my last two mini chocolates as a snack and TJL has been there before me and they were gone.  I had to laugh, God has obviously decided that while he helps me with my willpower he will also help by removing temptations from my grasp ... lol

Praise Be!


Stella said...

Hi Micha!

Thank you for visiting our blog today. You sound as if you are going through many of the things that I went through at one time or another. One thing that helped me very much (yes! Faith in God) was to realize how everything put on this earth seems to know just what to do with themselves Except Humans! So if we follow God's rules, we will be OK, don't you think?

Stella the dog and her Mom, Jo

Julie said...

So true...He won't give us anything we can't handle!! ALthough...at times it doesn't seem that way!! Love the cow pictures, too!!