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Saturday, August 28, 2010

A question answered

So one of my biggest questions regarding religion was 'if God does exist, and he is a loving, kind and just God, then WHY DO SO MANY INNOCENT CHILDREN (AND ANIMALS) GET HURT BY THEIR OWN FAMILIES? Unfortunately I live in a country where, in the last few years, our news has been dominated by children being beaten, generally at the hands of a family member, beaten so often that they eventually end up dead (and these are children under 5). And, although a story such as this has not hit the HEADLINES for some time, recent accounts in newspapers tell of similar tales, such as the mother who gave her 7 children marajuana, because it made them sleep, and now they wouldn't be quiet without it! WHAT?! And this of course then begged the question - how come 'these people' can have lots and lots of children (we have an awesome welfare system), and TJL and I (who are 'good people') are struggling to get pregnant? And then lately there have been untold news stories involving animal cruelty, which I also despise, so don't get me started ... lol

ANYHOW, (long story LONG ... lol), the answer to my question came to me this morning - Perhaps God is 'allowing' these things to occur so WE can finally realise how much we NEED HIM and his FORGIVENESS. And, obviously, we are NOT GETTING IT. I mean, how blunt does He need to be? CHILDREN ARE BEING BEATEN TO DEATH HERE! We have been living the 'free' life. The life we THINK we want. We don't have to commit to anyone. We don't have to answer to anyone. We can just do whatever it is we want to. And look where it's got us! No one cares about anyone any longer. It is NEVER our fault - my upbringing was rough, my father left my mother for another woman, when I was 7 my cat murdered a mouse and now I'm a serial killer. I mean, seriously, there are just no consequences for our actions anymore, we always blame everyone else. We never stand up and say 'I am to blame, I am human, please forgive me!'
We believe that our life is in our hands, and it's not. God knows his plan for us, and when so many people choose not to follow that path, the result is what we have today - a selfish, rude, uneducated, violent, blaming society. We need God. I need God. I really hope, and pray, that more and more people start to wake up to the fact we need to beg for his forgiveness. Because we have denied Gods existence for so long, and we have stopped asking for forgiveness for our sins, we, as a society, are now reaping the rewards of this denial, and I DON'T LIKE IT.

And so, the more I open my mind and life to God, the more my questions are being answered. And I think that this is just awesome! I feel truly blessed that God has come into my life. Sure, I have a whole lot to learn, but it is going to be a fabulous journey!

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Deborah Ann said...

It looks so beautiful there! The kids are just adorable. Sounds like you had a real nice visit!