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Monday, August 16, 2010

Week two of BFL

So week two of Body for Life began on Sunday. I think it is going ok. I hope it is going ok. According to the book I probably won't notice results until week 8, so I just have to hang in there. Hopefully I have my portion sizes under control. I have not eaten a chocolate bar (unless you count protein bars - of which I only have 1 per day on my days off work), and I have not had any takeaways (unless you count a wrap from subway for lunch yesterday which had a wee bit of bacon and cheese in it). I have also completed the exercises everyday (aside from rest day), including exercising after a 12 hour work day! Which is good for me.

I met with my web designer yesterday, so that should be all go now. It is going to cost around $3000.00, but hopefully it will cover its own costs, eventually. I have written down a few goals for myself, such as once a month heading out for a day just taking photos. Attending an event at least once a month. And I am going to go to a local camera club meeting next Tuesday, to see what it is like, as more motivation to get really into my photography. I also 'plan' (this is not written down) to hopefully get a collection of images in the hopes of having them displayed in one of the local galleries or cafes.

Now I am getting the house in order, and I will hopefully have an awesome website which will make it easier to upload photos, hopefully I will really get back into photography full swing.

Patiently waiting for my bible to come from Amazon.com (well as patiently as I can ... lol). Here's hoping I can 'interpret it' - not that I am lacking in intelligence, I am just not sure if I have that kind if intelligence - I'm a scientist, I like things to be 'factual' and easy to understand, I have never been very good at 'interpreting' stuff. Some people can 'read things' in paintings, I can only see what I see, and know if I like it, or not ... lol

And that would be the interesting parts of my life, I had to go into work today for 1.5 hours of training, and I have to go in for the next 2 days for training, at which point I have taken the first day of my new roster off. I sometimes get amazed at the people at work who have no interest in attending training. Sure a lot of them have been there for 10 to 15 years, and I have only been there for 2, so they are probably over it, but I think learning new things and progressing 'up' is what makes it interesting. Crazy that after 2 years I am considered 'senior staff' and those same other people are not. I mean, today I had to go in on my day off, and I did - someone else was 'asked' to go in and they declined. And then they wonder why I get asked to go and do different stuff, and they don't. It has taken me a long time to learn it, but when you get asked to 'do something' by a boss you say YES! Especially when it concerns vocational development.

So life is progressing along quite nicely. The only other thing I really need to begin working on is helping out T more on the farm. I make it tough on myself by giving myself 'rubbish' excuses. And I know how tired T is, and at this time of year having a clean house, clean clothes, and tea on the table is not quite enough for him.

Dear Lord. Thank you for blessing me with the opportunity to further myself at my paid work, and in my pursuit of a photography career. Please give me the strength and wisdom to help T out more on the farm, and to help me focus on what is important rather than the frivolous. Please continue to watch over and forgive myself, T, my family, my friends and my animals. Amen

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