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Friday, August 27, 2010

My Bible has arrived - did I post that already?

*Disclaimer* I am extremely new to religion, and the Bible, so please excuse my, no doubt many, faux pas. If you are well versed in these matters please feel free to 'educate' me, in the nicest possible way

Anyway, my first Bible arrived yesterday. It is a version that 'should' read so people of today can understand it. I think that this is a good thing, considering it is my first one. I am not too sure how one should read it, so I am reading it from the beginning. So far its tough. I have a science brain, and so, well, I need MORE background information. There just isn't enough DEPTH for me, YET! I read some things and say 'but WHY?' or 'I DISAGREE' and then I ponder it, and say, 'Well actually ...' and I can, hmmmmm, believe it? I am not sure that this is the phrase I want to use, perhaps I can understand how 'it' works, ('it' being the laws of the bible). Boy oh boy, do I have a LONG way to go! But, thankfully to all the bloggers I can access, (and read practically daily), I have help and assistance with insights, and meanings, and encouragement, to further my study and teachings.

To break up the monotony of my post, I did a bit of shopping today - candles, a file system to note down happenings of significance during the years (thanks for the idea fellow blogger - steadymom), a surf t.shirt and card for Dad, for fathers day. Totally forgot to buy a whiteboard pen, AGAIN!

The other thing I had a think about today was letting the man lead in the family (well, in our case lead me, since we have not been blessed with children as yet). And I thought that in this day and age most men don't know HOW to lead, or are to afraid to, incase they make a mistake, and get blamed, yelled at, abused. So I have decided that my job is to encourage my partner to lead, to build up his confidence and self esteem so he is confident in taking a leadership role. I guess that this is another symptom of the decline of religion in our society. There are no longer defined roles that we each learn and know how to 'play', this leads to 'confusion' and then 'conflict' (lets be realistic, in times of difference one person really does need to submit to prevent constant conflict). I really think that a lot of us out there are 'running around in a state of confusion' because we really do not have any solid ground upon which to stand, no societal rules that apply - except for the big ones like 'murder'. I am hoping that if I can learn to submit (not at all in my nature, or the way I was raised), and I can learn to build TJL up, then we can live a fairly happy and harmonious life - I'm not a fool, I know we won't be perfect, but hopefully this will enable us to survive times of turmoil and to live in the moment during times of joy.

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