"Worrying about tomorrow means that you are missing some of today" Corey Allan of Simple Marriage

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

All things bright and beautiful

Had a great day today, perhaps a bit too much TV watching, but a good day all the same.

Got myself out of bed around 7.30ish, really can't remember. Put away bench dishes, and turned dishwasher on once I loaded up T's morning dishes. Had Bran and Yoghurt for breakie, chucked on a load of washing, and headed out to help T with the calves. I am slowly getting my confidence in feeding them back. Always takes me awhile to get myself sorted, heavens help me when I get the determination up to help T milk again. I know if I get stuck in and learn it I will be fine, but gee I'm so lazy these days that I just don't get out there. And I know that its the bloody TV holding me back, AGAIN. My TV free didn't last long, but heck, easy enough to resume again.

So I did a few loads of washing, potted up a few new and old pot plants, cooked a very nice Roast Dinner (of which I perhaps ate a bit too much of, but not in the same size league of old). Finances are sorted. Dishes are done for the night, and I have the bed to make. And then there is one more day off until work again on Thurs (ooooh and it's payday tomorrow!).

Dear Lord. Thank you for a big blue sky day, which bought many joys. Please continue to bless and watch over T, my family, friends, and animals. Please give me the energy and dedication to provide T will all of his needs. Amen

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