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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Before and after

I had an eye combo today (brows tinted and waxed, eyelashes tinted). I attempted to take a before and after photo. So this top photo is the before. Yes, I should NOT pull my hair back so severely, but, well, no excuses, its what I do, and a very hard HABIT to break. I'm working on it (and I'm working on the double chin AND the potatoes in the background - put them away Micha!)

The after photo. I think there is a bit of difference, it is very noticeable in the real world. I really dig how I have an artwork (Bali sarong thing) hanging in the background, and all you can see is a 'butt'. Potatoes in the first shot, butt in the second. Gee I am a talent at self portraiture.

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