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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Photographing around town

I spent a couple of hours taking a few photographs around our little town yesterday (population 2100). And we are rural from the town, so as you can imagine, its quite a dinky wee place. It does have a lot of lovely old buildings though.

This is the historical society building (TJL tells me it used to be the Westpac Bank)

This lovely old building does have a 'museum' on the first floor, on the road frontage. I was surprised to see that all of the windows along the side were totally gone. The sign says that there used to be a pool hall in the bottom. TJL thinks it used to be a sewing factory in its hey day.

The town hall - front

The town hall - behind the facade (corrigated iron)

The old BNZ bank, now a second hand shop

The former Post and Telegraph Office - now a persons residence

The Police Station - perhaps it always was - we don't know

Mural - sorry it's a bit dark and I need to reshoot

Other part of mural

Mt Taranaki (or Mt Egmont). Taranaki is famous for two things - dairy cows, and this mountain

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