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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Arhhhhh ... home alone

TJ has gone out to the rugby tonight, with Honk and his kids. I guess I could have gone, I think TJ invited me, but I was just a bit too busy getting his dinner ready early, getting the washing in, feeding the chickens (sick chicken appears to be feeling a lot better. I think TJ will have to let them out around lunch-time everyday as she may be getting picked on), doing the dishes, feeding the dog, and down-loading Lightroom 3.0 .... wonder if I forgot anything ...

Paid first installment for website today. Was in a bit of a panic as to whether I would have the full amount in time for the final payment - but way hey hey, the bank 'invited me' to increase the limit of my credit card so I did. Now I KNOW that this is not the best solution BUT it is only incase I don't have the funds to pay for the site fully when required, and once it is paid I will pay the credit card off, AND re-lower my limit. Exciting times, I must admit.

I also went onto VistaPrint and ordered some more business cards (free), car door magnet (free), pad (free), fridge magnets (50 for $50) and a pen (free). It did cost for having the back of my business cards printed ($7.00) and to upload an additional image ($7.00), and free postage - must have been a couple of extra costs because the total came to $75ish I think. Below is the image I used for my magnets.

Carriage driving at Horse of the Year 2010

I did want to use the following image for some things, but unfortunately I have cropped from a larger picture, and so not of excellent quality for printing, apparently. I do love it though, he is such a dude of a pony.

Shetland Pony - Horse of the Year 2010

Time to get folding up the washing now - joy of joys. And it should be early to bed as it is back to work tomorrow (yep thats right folks, starting work on a 'Saturday' - actually technically I should have started today BUT since I had 3 days where I had to go in for training on my days off I had today off as well).

Arghhhhhhhhh I just remembered I was supposed to head into town today and fill my ute up with diesel. Lucky TJ has a tank of it down at the milking shed, better head down there now and fill up!

Dear Lord, thank you for providing me with a reminder to fill up my ute BEFORE I get into it tomorrow at 5.30am and realise that I did not have enough fuel to get to work. Please help me develop my photography business, and thank you for providing the funds with which to pay for my website. Please continue to bless, protect and guide my self, my family, my friends, and my animals. Amen

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