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Monday, August 09, 2010

Day two of Body for Life

I officially started my body for life programme yesterday. I have been eating fairly sensibly for the last few weeks, well kinda - does a chocolate bar a day count? Just a small one? Regardless, I began the programme in earnest yesterday (with Saturdays being my free day). Yesterday went well. 20 minutes on the bike, easy peasy, perhaps a bit too easy so tomorrow I will step it up a notch, and I certainly was not hungry. Today I did upper body with weights. I think it went ok. I bought a small dumbell set, hopefully it will work ok for lower body when I get to it on Wednesday. I was a bit pushed for the final sets of a couple of workouts, and perhaps not quite pushed enough on others, but it was certainly better than nothing. I am a bit hungry today though. Plus, before I started, in earnest, I was not craving chocolate at all (ok, so I had been eating some, but even then I was not CRAVING it craving it), and now, its what I want. I can wait 4 more days until Saturday (actually its only 3, as its pizza day at work on Friday so I'm changing my free day to Friday).

I think I worked out why I have been so down lately. Its mostly because I so desperately want to have children, and I am TERRIFIED that I have left it too late. And when you feel surrounded by people who have kids, well, it just makes me feel even worse. I know I should focus on what I DO have, but. No, NO BUTS MICHA, FOCUS ON WHAT YOU DO HAVE!

Dear Lord, please help me stay focused on my journey to health and fitness, and also on building my wealth. Please help me to keep calm, and keep my mouth shut and my mood positive when helping T out on the farm, and when I am at work. Please encourage me to focus on positive thoughts at work, and to live in the moment not in the wishes of the past or the dreams of the future. Please continue to watch over all of my family, friends and animals, and give me the courage to go after what I want. Amen

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