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Saturday, September 04, 2010

Trip to visit my family

Just arrived back home today after two full days of visiting my family on the other side of the island, at Waipukurau. It was fairly full on, as visiting usually is, and the thought that I have to get up tomorrow at 4.45am for work is not at all appealing.
Miss T - aged 3, on the beam at G's Gymnastics training

Drove straight to Waipuk after work on Wednesday, as I only had 3 days off this roster due to doing a swap with a colleague. Arrived at my sisters around 7.30pm, just before the kidlets went to bed. G was her spoiled self, expecting a gift 'because you ALWAYS bring us something', however this time I didn't have anything as I hadn't had time to find something - and perhaps her expectations SHOW me that perhaps I do spoil them a bit - however I am AUNTY and it is my JOB to spoil them. G proceeded to 'hunt through' my bags for something, until I told her off (I may spoil them, but I also discipline them and I don't tolerate rudeness!). T was her usual cutesy self. She is 3, and that is my FAVOURITE age! Too cute for words! C was his usual suspicious self, he is only 1 so takes a while to click on to who exactly I am.
Mr C (aged 1) - more interest in putting the lid back on the container than what is inside

Thursday saw myself, sister, T and C head off to the Central Hawkes Bay Festival (poor G had school, but I don't think she particularly cared a heck of a lot, and we hadn't really mentioned it too much the night before. I took my camera to the festival, but there was not really a lot to photograph, as it was just about all indoors. I bought SO MUCH stuff - a cushion, boysenberry topping and jam, beeswax, lavender soap and hand cream, a vase, gingerbread men, Belgian chocolate truffles, and there is bound to be more. Ooooops, a bit of an overspend, but I do want my little home town to keep its festival going.
Miss G (aged 6) leaping off the beam, at Gymnastics training

After the festival I went and watched G at her gymnastics training. I really quite enjoy watching the girls (and a few boys) training really hard. G really seems to love it, and she (about to bragg here) is REALLY good. She has only been going for about 6 months, and has so much talent it makes me so proud. I really, really hope that she sticks with it, and it takes her far (as long as she does NOT get obsessed with her weight). She is quite lucky that her mum and dad are very petite! I think she is going to make a fantastic gymnast.
My cushion purchase

Friday I went and saw Ma n Pa, the dogs, and the horses. Everyone looks fit and well, Dad can even CYCLE up the steep hill now. GO DAD! I am so proud that he is finally doing something about his health and fitness (he does play golf as well, but he is a big man). He asked if I thought that biking up the hill was pretty good, MAN its FANTASTIC, I don't even think that I would make it too easily these days! I am so, so proud of him.

N and I went into Hastings, with baby C, for a wee bit of shopping. All I got was a couple of cheap knives. Oh, and Silky Oak chocolates.

On the way to the start of the Sunrise Hut track, Ruahine Ranges

And finally today, I did a bit of a drive around before heading for home. Ruahine Ranges, my favourite place in the whole world (well what little bit of the world I have seen). My BIL wanted a photo with lambs in the foreground, and the ranges in the background, oh and daffodils - YEAH RIGHT! He is a city bloke and does not realise that at this time of year, the sheep are lambing AND these normally skitterish, fleeing creatures are even more so. Plus there was too much cloud in the sky, and the wind, and my time constraints. It just didn't allow for any good piccys. He will have to get a local on the job, I'm afraid.

I have lots more too say about my visit, but I am just too tired. I will either post about it in my next post, or just totally forget to do anything ... lol

Goodnight and God Bless

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