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Thursday, August 26, 2010


TJL's Mum has gone out of town to a wedding, so we are looking after his little brother, George.

Now this guy is spoiled rotten. He SCREAMS bloody murder, THROWS his food on the floor, RIPS the wallpaper, and has been known to BITE. On his last visit he got into my highlighters and cracked ALL of the casings, and then pulled the ink spongey thing out from inside. To say he is destructive is an understatement! He should not be left alone for a second.

He is so fussy with his food, that if you give him a carrot he bites and SPITS OUT the 'outside' part of the carrot, and eats the sweet, juicy inside part only.

If he is not screaming, (or barking like a dog), he is asking 'what you doing?'

Don't let his cute, innocent looks fool you. This guy will probably outlive us all!

Hi, I'm George, and my favourite 'trick' is to ring like a telephone REALLY REALLY loudly

'See how cute I am, is it any wonder I am soooooo naughty'

So aside from ringing like a telephone, screaming, and barking like a dog, George can say 'what you doing?', 'Goodnight my darling', 'hello Georgie' and 'naughty boy' (he got THAT one right!)

They apparently live to about 90, and I think he might be OUR inheritance - May TJL's mother live a full and healthy life!

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