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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

All Creatures Great and Small

I went into Paper Plus today, and thought that I might be able to buy a bible, all to no avail, could not see one anywhere. Might have missed it, and too ... embarrassed to ask (NZ is a very non-religious country), so I didn't end up getting one. I keep asking T where his is, but he has no clue. So I have ordered one from Amazon, of course I ended up ordering a few other books as well, ooops! Better write that down in my daily spending accounts before I forget. Oh dear, get yourself back on that financial track MJ, quick smart!

I finally got around to getting my 'bikini wax' done today. 10 weeks since the last one, so a bit ouchy - bikini wax is in ' ' for a reason as she's all bare down there, TMI perhaps, but it is what it is. I actually find it a lot cleaner being hair free, and I have been doing it for about 3 years, so has become the norm I guess.

Also did a HUGE supermarket shop today, just over $300 worth (and when its only the two of us, sheesh). Lots of fresh fruit and veges, and meat too. Our freezer is currently full of roasts and bacon, and thats about it, so got some chicken, chops and steak - num num num!

Body for life is going well. Not too sure if I am eating exactly right, but my portion size is definitely smaller, and now I have begun exercising, I can only be heading in the right direction. And healthy, non-processed food can only be good for me. Not that I ate a lot of processed foods before, just not as many fruits and veges, and, as I already said, PORTION SIZE!

I tried to 'dress-up' for T tonight. Hmmmm none of my skirts fit me, so it was just a smarter than usual top, and my best jeans, and HIGH HEELS - felt a right wally! Shoes hurt, couldn't see shoes under my jeans - doh. At least I tried, and he knew that I tried. Baby steps MJ, baby steps!

Dear Lord. Thank you for blessing me this day by providing my with the means to have fresh fruit, veges and meat. Thank you for giving me the strength to stick to my diet plan, and the bravery to dress up for T. Please continue to help and guide me on my journey of spiritual enlightenment and self fulfilment and my desire to please and serve T. Please watch over and bless my family, friends and animals. Amen

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