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Saturday, July 02, 2011

Taxes are done! Yes!

I finally got off my chuff and got my taxes all done and ready to post off tomorrow, and since they don't have to be there until the 7th I am actually ahead of time this year.  Last year I did them online the night before - talk about making ones life more stressful than it needs to be.

As per usual I have told myself that THIS year I will keep on top of it throughout the year, so they will be all good to go early, time will tell if I manage to achieve this, or not.  No doubt my transition from 'lab technician' to 'farmers housewife' will enable this.  I just can't wait for this to happen.  Time and energy to really get our home clean and decorated, to get our vege garden productive and flower gardens overflowing, to cook nice, healthy meals for TJL and I every day, and to have time to exercise and get fit.  Have I said that I CAN'T WAIT!!??  Not to mention time to actually plan my blog posts, rather than my incoherrent ramblings.

I have also finally got everything 'packed away' from our holiday.  Not quite perfect, I mean my clothes are in a tidy pile on my dressing table and not in the drawers, but this is mostly due to the fact nothing else will fit in my drawers.  I really do need to do a full on throw out, again.  Plus it is a gorgeous winters day today, so my washing is out in the hopes that it will mostly dry, and I will just need to use the dryer as a finish off.

And my work desk is kinda tidy too!  Tidy enough to be able to fit my computer onto it, so I MUST use that area as my office, instead of dragging everything out to the living room and making a gigantic mess in there.  I must stop putting everything that I plan to 'file away later' on my desk, and file it at the time.  It took me HOURS yesterday to get it sorted, surely 1 minute filing at the time is SO MUCH EASIER!  Perhaps I need to write myself a sign to put over my desk that tells me that.

Today we are off to a basketball game (2nd to last of the season), and since the game is early, at 4.00pm, then we plan to head out to dinner afterwards - JOY!  Speaking of which I must head off and get myself showered and ready to go, I'm so excited!  I love going out for dinner.

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