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Monday, July 25, 2011

My first ever SNOW DAY

I was going to post about my fabulous weekend with my friends from school (of which we left 22 years ago!) but then today happened.  Disclaimer for poor quality photos, I was trying to work on the farm AND take photos so was just pointing and shooting lickity split, which is NOT good in snow.  Oh, and I have been in snow, many many times, just not where I have been able to take the day off because of it.

So, I had no idea that today was different to any other work day, except for when I went out the door to head off for work and encountered this .....

Last time it snowed here was about 3 years ago, and it was about 8pm at night, and all gone by morning.  Today it actually was still snowing at lunch-time.  I did drive very slowly into work, leaving at 5.20am and arriving a bit late at 6.08, only to have the boss ring up at 7.40am to say she would not be in for work due to the snow, and that those of us who lived in her area, and further north, were to go home as it was still snowing and we might get stuck.  Turns out we would have been fine, but I don't turn down days off work, plus TJL really needed me on the farm today so I think I may have come home anyway.

My first job was to feed the Stachurski Twins (we got them from Trents Sister, and that's their surname ... I always did like to stir up a bit of trouble).  TJL's boss's house, and then our house are in the background.  

Stella the Snow Dawg, she had a BLAST.  Love it, and tried to catch the snowflakes and ...

generally rolling around in the freezing cold stuff.  Crazy dawg!

The springer cows tucking into their hay (excuse the snow splodges on the lens).  They are turning their heads as they were getting pelted with snow, and it was quite hard!  (Springer cows are the ones who are due to have their babies sooner rather than later).

Springer mob with Stella Dawg in the foreground.

A bit hard to see in this piccy but we had 4 calves born in this 'awful' weather (awful for newborns, awesome too look at).  These calves were freezing, and I though we might lose a couple of them.  One of the two 'danger zone' ones had a good drink, which warmed him right up so I knew he would be fine.  The other one was much worse and would not drink.  After drying all the bub's off with towels, I wrapped them all up in hay blankets (two are pictured, the dark blobs are their heads).  The blankets worked a treat, as when we went back down to give them their afternoon feed (at 3pmish) they were all up and moving around, so a fantastic success.  And they all had a fantastic drink, so totally rapt!  Only one more calf was born today.  Poor bubba was covered in mud, so he got a wash in warm water, dried off, and is now in a hay blanket in the shed with all the other bubbas.

And finally TJL decided to make a snow angel, with Stella Dawg helped with great enthusiasm.  Crazy, crazy day, and totally awesome too!

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