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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Goals for the year

In no particular order ...

1.  Grow closer and more knowledgeable with God
         Daily:  10 minutes allowing God to speak to me
                     10 minutes bible reading
         Weekly:  Church
         Monthly:  Christian reading in addition to the bible

2.  Get fit and healthy
         Daily: Walk 30 minutes
                    Eat more fruit and vegetable, less sugar including soft drinks
         Weekly:  Walk 1-1.5 hours
         Monthly:  0.5-1.0 day tramp

3.  Grow closer and more intimate with TJL
         Daily:  Kiss him like I mean it
                     Tell him that I love him
         Weekly:  Lunch date
         Monthly:  Dinner date

4.  Spend more time with Stella-Dog
          Daily:  Walk 30 minutes
         Weekly:  Game and/or training
                        Clean and tidy kennel
          Monthly:  Walk somewhere off-farm

5.  Improve the house and garden
          Daily:  Dishes
                      General pick-up
         Weekly:  Floors
                        Vegetable garden
          Monthly:  Windows
                           Flower garden

6.  Increase farm knowledge and skills
           Daily:  Records
                       Calves on days off
           Weekly:  Milk x 2 (x 1 until house/farmers wife)
           Monthly:  Farm walk with plate meter to measure grass

Wish me God's grace to achieve all of this!

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