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Friday, July 15, 2011

My one day off

I had such a fun day off.  We got up really late, like around 8am!  Whoops!

After breakfast this morning I headed into H-town to do our supermarket shop.  Bought lots of fresh veges, and a few more GladWare containers, and who knows what else as it cost me over $200.00.  I also planned to get some photos printed off, but the lab was shut when I was there, so it will have to be sometime during the week.

After I got home TJL and I headed into NP to go to Puke Ariki for the Peter Bush exhibition.  Peter Bush is the worlds top rugby photographer and TJL being a rugby fan, and me being a photo fan, it was the perfect exhibition.  I was a little disappointed that it was only his rugby photographs on display (but I guess that IS what the exhibition was about) and it was also a shame there were none of the 1981 Springboks Tour that resulted in mass demonstrations and rioting due to the apartheid rule in South Africa at the time.  There are some awesome photos Spingbok Tour Riots 1981 about.


I was 10 at the time, and I distinctly remember my dad heading off to the match at Hamilton's Rugby Park, only to have him return home not having seen anything as riots got the game cancelled.  Dad said, in later years, he thinks the protestors were in the right, but with games against South Africa not occurring as often as they do now, and the fact they were the All Blacks (ironic that our national team is named the All Blacks, playing a white apartheid SA team (our team are named after their jersey colour just in case there is any confusion out there)) then it was a game all keen rugby fans wanted to see (depended on whether your idea for social justice outweighed your love of the game or not!)

Any way, back on track.  After enjoying the exhibition we had lunch at Puke Ariki's cafe.  It was DELICIOUS!  A bit expensive, but what the heck, we have two incomes and no kids, gotta be some benefits somewhere!

After lunch we went to Briscoes, as I wanted a wok, and I was keen to see what the prices were.  One thing about Briscoes, you never buy anything from there unless it's on sale, and they are just about ALWAYS having a sale.  So I found a cast-iron wok (which is what I wanted as heat in cast-iron is unbeatable, IMO).  And what would you know, the cast-iron wok was $69.99 and had a discount of $41.99 so a BARGAIN at $28.00  SOLD!!  I also saw 'mink' blankets (well a lady had one coming out as we were heading in), so I tracked them down.  Now TJL thinks they are 'tacky' but ohhh, they are so cosy to sit under on the couch in winter ... like NOW!  So I saw some advertised for $35.00, and while TJL nearly talked me out of it, he didn't and I now have my tacky 'mink' blanket!  The only choice of colours was either cream (which I got) or bright lime green.  I didn't know the discount until I got home.  Mink blanket was $109.99 with a discount of $74.99!  YES!!  Such a profitable day.

Once we got home I made some Leek and Potato Soup, and cooked up some old apples for puree (to add flavour to my porridge), and I walked the dog before putting her to bed.  TJL has gone out to the local rugby club as his old team was playing today.  He still had not returned home as yet, so perhaps I should have put the farm bike away (too dark and cold now!)

And so my 1 day off this week is almost over, back on roster tomorrow, how I am going to manage a 12 hour day is beyond me, but I shall have to tough it out, as I have no leave left ... boo hoo!

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