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Saturday, July 09, 2011

Whirlwind trip to see the Fam.

This is our 4 year old niece T.  A cheeky, yet sensitive soul.  Please excuse the quality of photos, for some reason my on camera flash won't work, very frustrating!

We did a quick, one night trip, to see my family in Waipukurau, this weekend.  It had to be this weekend as I work 5 days this week, and only have one day off before resuming my roster with 3 days on.  TJL will be on calving duty by the 20th July, so it was this weekend, or no go until May (for TJL) to get over.

This is our 2 (in three weeks time) year old nephew C.  He is very much a mumma's boy, who uses a pitiful 'hep me, hep me' when he wants to be picked up, from anywhere, definitely gets what he wants most of the time.

We also caught up with my parents, they cooked us a delicious roast lamb dinner with kumera, and spud, etc.  Was scrummy!  

This is our 7 year old niece G.  Poor thing had been horribly sick, but was perking up a bit before we left.

The weather was terrible, so lucky the company was great!  Not to mention we slept in until 10.00 this morning!  Feel soooo guilty, but it felt sooooo good!

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