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Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Rainy days and free plants

Today it has been raining.  A lot.  Real heavy rain.  It's not unusual for Taranaki.  Especially now we are right in the middle of Winter!  A lot of rain means mud.  Driving the tractor means tractor mud tracks.  Proof that TJL has been busy.

It also means that the cows pug the paddocks.  When this happens, once the grass has 'taken off' a bit, one needs to 'roll' the paddocks (one being TJL) to reduce the pug marks, as once they set in Summer it is quite easy to roll your ankle in one as they end up like concrete.

Fortunately it did stop raining long enough to walk Stella the Wonder Dog.  She's a classic!  She makes me laugh every day, especially with her love of her toys.  So CUTE!  

Work wanted to get rid of a spider plant today.  Me being the 'Ohhhh I'll take it' kind of person that I am said 'Ohhhh I'll take it!'.  This is what it looked like, all one sided with lots of babies hanging off of it.  The pot beside the plant contains the remains of a plant I have killed earlier.

After a bit of 'separating' I now have two pots of spider plants.  Time will tell if they take or die, as I was quite brutal with their root systems.  All the baby plants I have stuck back in the original pot and put under the eves of the house.  If they survive, they survive - hopefully being under the eves the frosts won't get them.  I just don't have the space available inside, at present, to house them all without them overpowering and crowding the place.

And last but not least, Cluck Cluck (well I think it's Cluck Cluck, it might be Maggie) one of our three delightful chickens.  They are such characters, and currently very involved in consuming the remaining beetroot plants in the vege garden.  I LOVE my chickens!  Not that keen on their calling cards or their destruction of our garden, but the eggs!  Wonderful!

Plus I have booked an Acupuncture appointment, for October!  Yes she is booked up until then.  I figure that means she is a great practicioner (oh the spelling on that one may be WAY off!)  Hopefully it might help with our fertility woes, AND my weight problems.  I know  what I am doing wrong but I need the motivation to STOP consuming harmful things, like sugar and fats, and start being more kind to my body.

Hopefully when I finish work in October I will feel far more motivated to get moving, a lot faster than I do for the dog walks, and the weight will come off.

And now I patiently await the return of TJL with tea .... YUM!

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