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Monday, July 18, 2011

Back on roster - bah humbug

We went back on roster yesterday.  The other laboratories where I work didn't.  This meant that the lab that delivers the products for us to test, were not at work yesterday.  This means I didn't have anything to test (aside from 30 cheese's for moistures left over from Friday).  And when you are rostered to work from 6am-6pm, and you have no leave left, this makes for an EXTREMELY  LONG day!  I managed to last until 3.45pm, so took 2.25 hours as leave without pay.  Today was better though, and I managed to work the entire 6am-6pm day *phew!*   And the bonus to being back on roster is that tomorrow is my last day, before 4. Days.  Off!   Yeah!  Actually I have five, as I am heading up North on Saturday to catch some ice-hockey and won't be able to return until Sunday.

My manager is going to see what he can do re back-pay for my degree.  He said it's not looking good and HR said that I should have read all of the literature and found out for myself what extra payments I could get.  I said that I trusted my employer to let me know what I was entitled to.  Especially since my manager at the time of the interview KNEW I had a degree and NEGLECTED to tell me I would get an extra payment, when everyone else had/has been advised.  But I shall let my current manager do his best, and then let it go.  It's only money.

And now I am going to have a hot lemon drink to try and get rid of this slight cold I have.  Tomorrow I am assisting in interviews of our potential future employees and trying to interview while blowing ones nose constantly does not make a good impression.

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