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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Not impressed

I learned today that, for the past three years, I should have been getting an extra payment at work for having a degree.  It sounds like I WON'T be able to get this in back pay.  I feel ripped off.  I hope that people are wrong and my lab co-ordinator can get it sorted for me tomorrow.  To make myself feel better, I know I was in the wrong mindset the last three years, and I would have just spent it anyway, but still ... *sigh*  I am still a bit gutted by the whole thing.  At least I will get the payment for my last 11 weeks at work, and that's something.

TJL and I went in and had our blood tests today.  I don't know how long it will take for the results to come in.  I hope, and pray that all will be fine.  I won't completely relax until I get the results.  Once this is done, hopefully we can get onto the IVF waiting list.  Please, oh please, oh please let it all run as smoothly as possible!!

The weather is still awful.  I ended up driving at around 60kph on a 100kph road today, I just could not see through the rain on the windscreen, I couldn't even see enough to pull over safely, so I just drove super slowly along the road.  Everyone else must have been struggling too, as no one ended up on my back bumper, so that took a bit of pressure off of me.

Two more days of work, one day off, three days of work then FIVE  DAYS  OFF!!  I  CAN'T  WAIT!!

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