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Friday, July 22, 2011

Maps are printed, I'm good to go ... hopefully

I am off on a very quick road-trip today.  First stop will be to pick up my best friend from High School, C, in Cambridge.  I do not need a map on how to get there (although I did last time since we hardly ever see each other).

Next stop, hopefully a car park in Auckland that is not too much of a walk from Vector Arena, for the ice-hockey tonight.  I do hope that, since I have not been back to Auckland since my marriage break-up (unless you count the airport), I don't get too lost.  Auckland is one confusion of a big city for me.

Then back to C's for a 'sleep over' (which I am NOT very good at doing!  Home, I'm fine (obviously), sisters house, parents house, all fine.  Motels, hotels, fine.  Other peoples houses, not so good (I like a private bathroom ... lol)).

Tomorrow first stop, hopefully a bakery in Cambridge for some Choc. Eclairs or Donuts.  Next stop, my other best friend from High School, H, in rural Morrinsville.  Haven't been there for DONKEYS!  Not since her second child was born, which I don't know is how long ago!

And then back home to TJL.  I so wish he was coming, it would make the trip so much more enjoyable for me.  But we are just too busy on the farm so he needs to stay :-(  It's only one night, and he will LOVE having the bed all to himself, but still ....

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