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Sunday, July 03, 2011

Cook my little leftovers, cook

TJL was out rolling paddocks when I got home today, Stella the dog and I discovered him when we went for our walk.  So, being the housewife in training, I decided that I would cook tonights dinner.

Super easy!

We had leftover potato, carrot, broccoli and cauliflower so I have whacked that all into a dish, with a bit of onion and covered it with cheese sauce and put it into the oven.  I made the cheese sauce a little thick, but never mind.  I could have thinned it with a bit more milk I guess - oh well too late now!  I use Edam Cheese, which is a low fat cheese that I like BUT thinking about it today I do use A LOT in dishes to get a bit more flavour in.  I think I might get a small block of tasty or similar next time I am shopping, that way I can mix the two so we get a bit more flavour, as well as a decent consistency.

It addition to our vege bake I am going to make Chinese 5 Spice Chicken.  Super easy, chop up some chicken (I use skinless boneless thighs, cheaper and more succulent than breast), and chuck it in a bag of flour mixed with Chinese 5 Spice, and then I fry.  Hmmmmm, I might try doing them in the oven for a low fat version.  Since I have the oven on 'n' all.  Hopefully TJL won't complain TOO much ... lol.  He did say he wanted fried, but it can't hurt to try it just the once.

And so, thus, I must go and prepare the chicken .....

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