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Saturday, August 06, 2011

I'm engaged, 1 friend is pregnant, and 1 friend got a job in Aucks

So TJL proposed to me on 'Snow Day', July 25th.  Yay!  It was quite romantic as he 'popped the question' while we were snuggled up on the couch after such an eventful day of snow, and calf rescue etc.

I headed home and saw my folks last days off, so told everyone there, and they were all so pleased, as TJL fits in well, and is a hard worker.

The only downer was when I went to tell my friend J, before I could she announced she was pregnant.  Of course she is.  They had only been trying for one or two months, and he is paralysed (not that I see that as a 'problem' as such, just thought it would take them a wee bit longer than what it did).  She has done acupuncture, and this is why she is recommending it for me, because 'that is all it's going to take for us to get pregnant'.  I do plan to give it a go, but I have a feeling it is just like all the other 'try harder', 'stop trying so hard', 'stop stressing about it', 'once you adopt you will get pregnant' etc stories.  So while her news slightly upset me, I did get over it pretty quickly and was pleased for her, but I still feel pretty jealous.  Then to top that all off she said 'We will be finding out the sex when we can as I will be 'devestated' if it's a girl'.  They only plan to have one.  Rule number 1, never, ever say something like that to someone who has been trying for 2 years to have a baby, fullstop!

And another friend from 'back home' has landed herself a job in Auckland.  This is fabulous news, as the job she had was awful!  The new one sounds awesome.

And these days off I am supposed to be getting the house in order for a visit from CYF's, before we can really get onto the domestic adoption/foster bandwagon.  8 weeks until I am 'unemployed', and while I am somewhat nervous (have worked pretty much since I was 18), I can not wait!!

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