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Saturday, January 01, 2011

Happy Niece T's Birthday - aka New Year

Yesterday was niece T's 4th birthday, and New Years Day.  I spent 3.5 hours of it driving from Eltham to Waipukurau, a drive I do all.the.time.  Most of the time I enjoy it, but I have been doing it a bit too often of late, so I am looking forward to staying home for my next few lots of days off.  Poor TJL is probably looking forward to me being home as well, to at least get the house clean and tidy, amongst other things!

 T with on of her pressies, a weird rubber ball thing.  P said she looked like a Puffin Bird!

So how are the New Years resolutions going?  Hmmmm.  Well it was a bit hard yesterday in the 'bless my body with healthy food' aspect.  Actually, when I think about it, it wasn't really that hard.  I had berries for snacks on the drive instead of chips, lollies and chocolate bars.  For lunch I had subway (chicken bacon ranch wrap with lettuce, tomato and capsicum - no sauce, no salt, no pepper - 'cause that's how I like it') and a bottle of water rather than McDonalds and fizz.  Of course arriving at my sisters house to a 4 year olds birthday 'party' meant I did have cake and a few chips and other 'cr*p' but nowhere near the amount I would usually take the opportunity to indulge in.

 T having a bit more cake with help from 'Mum', my big sis.  T has the most adorable haircut, due to hacking a piece off of it the previous day.

Less TV is also going well.  I had to truly fight the urge to switch it on first thing yesterday morning and managed to put the stereo on instead.  My sister is also like me, likes the TV on all day - for background noise rather than to 'watch' per se.  Obviously the eyes flick to it constantly.  I had to fight the urge again this morning, but remembered i-tunes (doh!) so I am playing music on my computer.  I am telling you, that little black box (well used to be a black box, is now more a giant flat screen) has magical powers of sucking you into it very easily!

C with a cheerio (obviously NOT cereal) having had quite enough of Aunt Me taking photos, he is so funny!

Exercise more resolution - well I jumped on the trampoline with the 'kids', including the neighbours kids, who would not let me off, plus I shot some hoops

House clean and tidy, hmmmm, well I did change the calendars over before I left, and all the Christmas decorations are down, but I am not there, again, to do much cleaning and tidying.  I will start working on this when I return, in three days time.

Positives in my life - will definitely be an ongoing thing as changing a mental attitude is FAR harder than doing (or not doing) something physical.  But my outlook is definitely brighter so far.

Plans for today - depending on temperatures (looking like it's going to be hot so far) swim, trampoline, hoops, park, Ma n Pa's (as an aside I actually managed to get a good photo of my Mum, C and my Uncle on the couch yesterday, but knowing my Mother I won't be posting any pictures up anywhere, just trust me, it was a nice one) and goodness knows what else.

Methinks it's time for breakie, wonder what sis has in the cupboards ...

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