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Friday, December 31, 2010

... and a Happy New Year

I'm being a sad a** and ringing in the New Year, at home, in front of the TV, watching a movie I have seen a few times before.  TJL is falling asleep on the other couch.  How exciting are we?  We did have plans to go out, but I think I ended up just too tired.  Or lazy.  Can't figure out which.  Besides its a 1 hour drive to get to where we want to go, and since I'm travelling to Wai.puk.u.rau tomorrow

I'm looking forward to 2011, as I always look forward to a new year and a new start.  Heres hoping that 2011 is the 'year of the baby' for us.  If not, heres hoping that we can move forward in childlessness and learn to embrace it, and focus our attention elsewhere.

To New Years Resolute or not ... so many resolutions, so many failures.  But I guess if one does not at least attempt to better ones self, regardless of failures or not, then one will never progress.  And so my New Years Resolutions are

1.  Lose weight, and to really make an effort at this one this time.  No more two week (or is that too weak) attempts.  I really need to work hard at it, and keep myself accountable, and to just grow up about it.  No more instant gratification.  No more 'but I wanna eat chocolate'.  No more 'its just too hard'.  2011 will be more about blessing my body with wholesome, healthy, pure foods.

2.  Reduction in TV watching hours.  Stop turning the TV on first thing in the morning.  Stop turning the TV on as soon as I get home from wherever.  Stop having the TV on all day when I am home, and just scrolling though all channels discovering constantly that there is actually nothing of interest on.  Instead I can fill my time with exercise, bible study, photography and scrapbooking, and developing real life human relationships.

3.  Keep the house CLEAN and tidy.  Organise a daily and weekly roster of chores to be done, and to do them more often than not.  Bless my home and my little family of two.

4.  Focus on the positives in my life.  Quit whinging about my job, my weight, my looks, my finances, and the things that I don't have.  Focus on the things that I DO have.  Intellectually I KNOW I am blessed and I really have to start thanking God for my blessings, instead of insulting Him by focusing on my perceived lack.  And it really is only perceived lack, I am well and truly blessed in this life of mine, children or not.

5.  Learn to enjoy my life to the fullest, be kind and gentle to all those around me, and to become more selfless and generous.

And so ends 2010.  In a few days I will be back at my job trying to remember to write the date with a 2011, or 11, amongst other things that make my life 'so difficult' ... lol

I hope everyone remembers the good parts and takes lessons from the bad parts of 2010,  and has a much happier, productive, and generous 2011.

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heartincharge said...

I like your resolutions and your attitude about why to make them. thanks for the inspiration.