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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I've got an appointment - woop woop

Aunt Flo started today, so 8am I was on the phone to the radiology department to try and book a hysteriothingeemablobit.  First couple of times I rang I was a bit early and they had not opened yet.  Then I got through but got the answer phone, so I rang twice more, before leaving a message on said answer phone.

And then I waited.  And I wondered.  And I worried.  And I asked TJL what time I should call back if I hadn't heard anything (he said 9.30).  So I folded washing, and worried, and wondered until I thought.  WHAT AM I DOING HERE?  God is taking care of this, just relax, it is in His capable hands.

And less than 1 minute later the phone rang.  Hooray.  It was the clinic.  Hooray!  Someone had rung in and cancelled and I had an appointment booked for 19th Jan @ 9.00am!  HOORAY!  Thank you God, I am truly a blessed being.

So in a weeks time we shall know whether my tubes are blocked or not, and then what course of action we will take.  Tubes not blocked = hormones to wake up my lazy folicles and prayer that we conceive.  Tubes blocked = adoption or get said tube(s) cleared.  Whatever happens I praise God for taking my worries upon Himself and leaving me to just be.


The Griffiths said...

Sometimes it's so easy to get caught up in ourselves that it's hard to remember Who we should be letting be in control.
Praying for you and your HSG--just had mine done and it's not horrible, but not fun either. Let us all know how it goes!

heartincharge said...

I still look at the clock waiting for the RE to open so I can call right away. I know that feeling.

I hope the HSG goes well. If your tubes are open, then it will not be too painful. If they are blocked, well at least you know what has been standing in your way.

Congrats on getting an appointment so soon.

Meg said...

Praying that things work out for you!