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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Clean, clear, and under control?

Finally had my HSG this morning.  Ugh.  I can think of a bazillion better ways of spending 20 or so minutes (like the 20 or so minutes I spent waiting to go in to have the HSG).  Mind you, I could probably think of a bazillion worse ways of spending 20 or so minutes (like how I would imagine Chemotherapy to be).

Anyway, it looks like my tubes are clear ... 'Hooray!', although I must admit I have been kind of focusing on adoption lately, rather than having our own, so weirdly enough, I have mixed feelings.  HOW.  CRAZY.  AM.  I?  Obviously I am glad my tubes are clear, but I do want to continue to look into adoption regardless of whether TJL and I have biological children or not.  The adoption side of things will just have to be put on the back-burner for a while.  I guess, due to my age, I am still a bit confused as to what path to take.  If my tubes were blocked then adoption would definitely be the forerunner.  As they aren't then biological comes out ahead.  I guess the fear is, if we go biological and fail, will we be out of time for adoption (in the sense that I am getting ever closer to 40, and NZ 'law' has it that the parents will not be more than 40 years older than the youngest child).  Guess it still gives us two years to get a 1 year old, so not so bad.

Coincidentally, this morning when I took a look in our 'spare' room which would be 'the baby's room', God whispered in my ear (well in my thoughts), that I haven't exactly 'prepared' for any arrivals and perhaps it is time to do so.  Not in the sense of full on nursery decorating etc, but we (I) could make the room more child ready and appropriate.  And if we are unsuccessful in all of our endeavours (biological child, adoption, fostering) then the room would be ready for any one of our 8 nieces and nephews to come and stay, and would be ready for them in the meantime too.

So this afternoon I wait for a call from Dr Fufu as to our next step.  From memory I will start a minimum level dosage of some kind of hormone to activate my lazy folicles on my next cycle, which will be February.

Exciting.  Scary.  I am so GLAD that this is in God's hands, and I can just 'relax' myself about it.

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